Investigative Services Division

The Modesto Police Department Investigative Services Division (ISD) is responsible for following up and investigating felony cases that are forwarded by patrol officers, and preparing the cases for presentation to the District Attorney’s Office.

The Investigative Services Division is staffed with over 85 sworn and professional personnel consisting of detectives, community service officers, crime analysts, and crime scene investigators. The units within Investigative Services Division consist of the following.


Violent Crimes Unit (VCU) 

  • Cold Case
  • Crimes Against Persons
  • Gang Intelligence
  • Missing Persons
  • Robbery / Homicide

Special Crimes Unit (SCU)

  • Identification Unit (CSI)
  • Special Victims Unit (SVU)
  • Tech Crime

Property Crimes Unit (PCU)

  • Auto Theft
  • Burglary
  • Crime Analysis
  • Economic Crimes
  • Pawn / Metal Detail
  • Warrants

Street Gang Unit (SGU)

  • Gang Member Documentation
  • Gang Suppression

Major Crimes Unit (MCU)

  • Street Level Drug Investigations

Task Forces

Members of the Modesto Police Department Investigative Services Division also participate in the following 2 multi-agency task forces.

Central Valley Gang Impact Task Force (CVGIT)

  • A Multi-Agency Task Force
  • FBI Safe Streets

Stanislaus Drug Enforcement Agency (SDEA)

  • A Multi-Agency Task Force
  • High Intensity Drug Traffic Area (HIDTA)
  • Targeting Major Drug Trafficking Organizations