Planning & Development

The Parks Planning and Development Division ensures the quality of landscaping for community development through the plan review and installation inspection process. Included are medians, landscape strips along roadways, and other public right-of-way improvements.

Development of the Park & Trail System

This division procures and manages the development of the park and trail system in Modesto. This system includes neighborhood, community and regional parks, class I, II, and III trails, lanes and surface bicycle routes, trail heads, signage, access points, and the planning and policies that allow for such access. The park system includes 75 neighborhood, community and regional parks. The Parks Planning and Development Division ensures public participation in the design and development process of new parks, while forming Park Partners groups to assist in the improvement of existing parks.

Policies for the financing of future parks, management of Capital Improvement Projects, and updates to design standards are also a part of this division's responsibilities.

An example of a park being developed:


Before Coffee Claratina Park


Construction Coffee Claratina Park


Completed Coffee Claratina Park